TMBC Local Plan Regulation 18 Consultation 03.11.22

TMBC have published the documents for the Local Plan.

The Regulation 18 Consultation is about: what the local plan should contain and how planning policy can help to address key issues within our borough.  The consultation closes 3rd November 2022.

The next stage will be the Regulation 19 Consultation.

There are two sites in Ryarsh:

Site 59744 – Chapel Street (attached)

Site 59777 – between Birling Road and Old School Lane (attached)

Site 59734 is a repeat of Site 59777

Site 59672 – this has been given a Ryarsh Postcode, ME19 5LB, but the map location looks to be in Leybourne

All the documents can be accessed from this central link:

The key dates are set out here:

The Regulation Consultation document is available here:

The sites identified are contained in the Interim Sustainability Appraisal Report Annex 1 which is available here:

If you want to find a site in the Sustainability Appraisal Report Annex, click “ctrl” and “f” and a search box appears, where you can put the site number in.

The Parish Council will be discussing the Local Plan at their meeting on 10th October 2022.