Land West of Roughetts Road – Sand Quarry

31st August 2023

We have received a letter from Kent County Council today, further to a request for a scoping opinion to accompany a planning application for the proposed extraction of aggregate (sand) at Land West of Roughetts Road, Ryarsh (Reference no KCC/SCO/TM/0140/2023).

KCC has only a limited amount of time to adopt a scoping opinion and needs to hear from the Parish Council about whether the report and proposed scope of the environmental assessment (which would accompany any planning application) is satisfactory and assesses all the relevant impacts.  The Parish Council must reply to KCC by 21 September 2023.

The Parish Council, and residents, will be formally consulted when an Environmental Statement has been submitted and the planning application has been validated.

Attached are:

1.  A letter from Waterman Infrastructure and Environment Scoping Request Covering Letter – Redacted (1) requesting an Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Opinion dated 29th August 2023.

2. Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report – Redacted produced by Waterman Infrastructure and Environment Ltd dated August 2023

Please note a website has been set up 

This will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on 11th September.  If you have any comments to make it would be helpful if you could email these in advance to so that the Parish Council has enough time to prepare a robust response.

This is not a planning application, but will lead to a planning application.  Waterman Infrastructure and Environment have stated that a formal public consultation will be undertaken ahead of the submission of any planning application for the development.